Sheriff’s Deputy Warns Of Antifa All-Out War Upon The ‘Innocent’ And Their Goal Of Initiating The Breakdown Of Society


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

– ‘If You’re White Or A Trump Supporter, You’re A Nazi To Them And It Will Be ‘Open Game’ On You’

While antifa terrrorists have promised a ‘violent’ and ‘destructive’ Columbus Day, vowing to go across America destroying and defacing monuments to Christopher Columbus, we see that Americans are finally awakening to their plans to make America ungovernable in November. Despite the mainstream medias best attempts to whitewash what the domestic terrorist group has blatantly told us is coming in November, we’re happy to report that the most recent antifa threats have gotten the attention of the law enforcement community as the NYPD will be providing 24/7 protection to the Christopher Columbus monument in Columbus Circle in New York. 

With the ‘deface Christopher Columbus’ movement just the latest threats of anti-America acts coming from the left as detailed in their 48-page manifesto titled ‘burn down the American plantation once and for all’, (which we’ve embedded in full below videos), their goals include abolishing gender and implanting communism in America while destroying what they see as the ‘evil white patriarchal society that is the United States’. Yet as Susan Duclos reported on Saturday, the tide has suddenly turned against the radical left

With the FBI warning of more violence coming to America from those who identify as ‘black identity extremists’, we listen in the first video below to a sheriff’s deputy who’s now warning America about what antifa has planned in just weeks. Basing his statement seen below in part upon his witnessing a peaceful prayer gathering that was suddenly and viciously attacked by violent antifa, we thank this courageous man for speaking truth as he does not mince his words we’ve republished below.: 

“When antifa was able to get themselves going and they showed up, they started truly an all-out war on innocent people and the videos and the discussions that have come out are so disturbing and disgusting and yet I never hear a word from the liberal media that leads me into antifa’s next step…on their website they are calling for an open civil war that they will start here in the United States in November.

They are fundraising for weapons, training, ammunition and supplies and they’re not hiding this. They are openly fundraising so that they could get the stuff together and attack and this is verbatim. What they’re going to do – they will start off by attacking police officers, first responders, anybody that’s in uniform. And after they have disrupted that enough in the nation, and us first responders are literally going everywhere trying to resolve things, they will then go after the citizens and the people and the government and all that. So if you’re white, you’re a Trump supporter, so you’re a Nazi to them and it will be open game on you. I don’t know why we’re allowing this but it is time that, honestly, if our leaders and our leadership isn’t going to step up and finish this, we have to…each and every one of us has to and that is our right and that is what we must do anyway”. 

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