Las Vegas Final Comment


by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Dear Readers, some of you keep pushing me for an explanation of the Las Vegas event. I have no contacts with people who might be involved in US covert operations. Some of you think that since I “was there with Reagan,” I know everything about what goes on in government. This is not the case for anyone in government.

Those of you who are so interested in Las Vegas must figure it out on your own. Keep in mind that there can be just as much fake news on the Internet as on CNN, etc.

I can offer some guidance as to the sort of things you could examine to help you to come to a conclusion. Unless normal police investigation was not undertaken, there will be crime scene photos that should show blood trails and blood pools. The kill area should coordinate with the alleged position of the shooter. Bullets that entered the ground should show the trajectory and direction that the bullet traveled.

If none of this evidence is available, turn to the available evidence. Do the videos of the people crouching and running show any one who is hit? Do you hear voices crying out, “I’ve been hit, help me!”? If not, why not? 573 casualties is a large number.

Consult medics on how the wounded are handled and compare what you learn with this video that purports to be a video of the wounded brought to a hospital. Note the absence of medics and medical personnel. Note the incorrect ways that the alleged injured are being carried by people in street clothes who clearly are not professionals. Note the absence of blood. None on the stretchers, none on the victims, none on the people carrying the victims, none on the hospital floor. No signs of trauma.

Ask yourself how the injured came into the hands of concert goers who had fled the scene. Did concert goers return to the scene in order to recover the wounded? Why would they take this risk or be allowed to? It was an hour before police made it to the hotel room from which the shooting allegedly took place? Why would police, ambulances, medical personnel permit untrained people to handle the wounded?

I remember years ago that it became a personal liability matter for a good samaritan to help an injured person. There were cases where people attempting to help someone injured in an accident or shooting who did not know how to recognize injuries and the correct procedures for moving an injured person actually brought about the paralysis or death of the person they were attempting to help. The alleged injured bodies in the video are being manhandled. If there were a bullet close to the spine, for example, the consequence could be paralysis. I really do not believe that ordinary people would be permitted to lug the injured into a hospital. The video looks to me like crisis actors participating in a drill. There are reports that there were advertisements for crisis actors for a Las Vegas drill prior to the event. And here is a report allegedly from the hospital chief saying that after the shooting or alleged shooting, the hospital activated a “mass casualty incident disaster drill.” If so, how did the hospital assemble the crisis actors so quickly?

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