Was Las Vegas Massacre ‘Fast And Furious’ On Steroids, A Massive Gun Running Scheme Gone Terribly Wrong?


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

REMEMBER! Mandalay Bay CEO Donated Money To Groups Tied To Islamic And Domestic Terror Groups

For those who’ve forgotten the story of a ‘mystery man’ who was found dead back in 2015 in a Los Angeles, California neighborhood, leading authorities to discover 1,200+ guns and 7+ tons of ammunition, now is the time to remind you. While the man known only as ‘Bob’ to his friends and fiance was finally officially identified as one Jeffrey Alan Lash, authorities said he led a ‘double’ or ‘secretive life’, and told friends he had worked for a top secret government agency before ‘going out on his own’. 

Despite living with his ex-fiance for 17 years in which she had no clue about what he really did while he collected so many weapons they piled up to the ceiling, as we see in the first video below, a 2015 CNN report about the mysterious stockpile of weapons, Lash also compiled a huge pile of cash during that time while bragging about saving America from numerous terror attacks. 

While Lash lived in a house worth nearly a million dollars and had compiled weaponry and ammo worth well over a million, police said there is no record that he ever filed a tax return or held a job. Interestingly, according to this story from Live Trading News about Lash’s death, after he died, his fiance and another woman left his body in a car and fled to Oregon because they believed Lash was an ET-human hybrid working for US intelligence agencies, and that his contacts would soon retrieve the body. A photograph of Jeffrey Lash and some of the weapons found in his home taken from the Live Trading story is below. 

While we’d truly hoped we’d be done writing about such a horrific tragedy as the Las Vegas shootings by now, new information continues to flow in a half-a-week after the cowardly attack and as we’ve noticed in the ANP comment sections and all across the internet, the more new information that surfaces, the more people want to get to the bottom of what really happened there. And like Jeffrey Lash, authorities say that the Las Vegas shooter also led a mysterious, double life

With more and more videos coming out that appear to document the ‘multiple shooter’ theory while Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo claims its likely that at somewhere along the line, Stephen Paddock probably had some help, we take a look within this ANP story at an emerging theory that continues to pile up evidence – Stephen Paddock may have been an arms dealer working for a shadowy ‘deep state’ US government agency. Along with taking a look at several emerging warnings that he may have been selling weapons to ISIS terrorists within the United States. 

We also take a look back at a August 29th story from Wayne Allyn Root over at Town Hall titled “Billion Dollar Vegas Company Tied To Terrorist Organization?” within which we learned that Jim Murren of MGM Resorts International has violated the trust of his MGM Board, shareholders, employees and customers. Keep in mind, this story was written back in August, more than a month before the horrific shootings and yes, Jim Murren is the CEO of the company that owns the Mandalay Bay. From the August Town Hall story.: 

Jim Murren of MGM Resorts International has violated the trust of his MGM Board, shareholders, employees and customers. But not in a small way. In a “Vegas bigger-than-life way.” Murren is so wildly wrong, so spectacularly reckless, so disastrously offensive to his customers, I believe it’s time for a shareholder revolt. 

No CEO has a right to involve his company in controversial politics, let alone the funding of extreme and radical organizations. But Jim Murren wins the award for “Reckless CEO of the Century.” Murren has just put MGM in bed with an organization with ties to Islamic terrorism. 

Does MGM’s Board approve of their CEO using company statements and shareholder money to offend 63 million Trump voters? How about every conservative in America? How about Christian customers? Families with children? How about anyone who is not a fan of Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood? Because I am certain millions of MGM customers will be shocked and offended when they find out who Jim Murren just tied his company to. 

Murren announced in response to what he sees as the racism, bigotry, intolerance and violence seen at the Charlottesville disturbance, that MGM will donate company money (and match employee contributions) to a collection of extreme leftist civil rights, human rights, and Muslim advocacy groups. A strange and partisan decision to make with company funds and shareholder money. 

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