Is This What You Call Being Prepared?


by Jeff Thomas, International Man:

In talking with American clients about their need to prepare themselves for the upcoming socio-economic/political upheaval in their country, my advice to them primarily revolves around the concept that, if you’re living in a bad neighbourhood, the obvious solution is to leave.

Many choose to do just that. Those who have limited funds seek out employment in a country that’s less likely to be dramatically impacted than their home country. Those who are a bit more well-heeled generally liquidate what they can in their home country and forward the proceeds to one where the economy and socio-political situation are more stable—and one where the rights of the individual are more greatly respected.

They then convert their wealth into a more protectable form, by buying real estate in such countries and, particularly, by converting wealth into precious metals and storing it in a top-rate facility in the chosen country.

If they can afford it, they additionally rent or purchase a home and acquire the right to residency in such a country so that, if their home country suddenly becomes less liveable, they can simply pack a carry-on and be on a plane that day.

However, far more individuals say something to the effect that “I’m too invested in where I am. I’ll make a stand right here. Let the bastards come and get me if they want to. I’ve got plenty of guns and ammunition.”

This position is, of course, very manly. It smacks of the protection of home and family. And, like John Wayne in his role as Davy Crockett at the Alamo, it has a truly patriotic ring to it.

Of course, it’s also true that Davy Crockett died at the Alamo, along with all those who fought alongside him. (Not at all a positive outcome.)

So, let’s have a realistic overview of this commonly stated “plan” to “make a stand.”

What if the authorities arrive without aggression?

It’s entirely possible that authorities will go door-to-door, neighbourhood to neighbourhood, to confiscate provisions and weaponry. If you see personnel carriers loaded with SWAT teams, who then approach your door quietly, but armed, are you really going to throw open the door and start blazing away, or are you going to recognize that giving up your weapons is better than certain death?

Do you possess adequate weaponry?

When I’ve visited the US, I have, on quite a few occasions, been shown the gun collections of those who described themselves as “armed and ready.” They’ve shown me a wide variety of weapons, from AK-47’s to crossbows. (The former might be a good choice to fight off an assault, but the latter would be a very poor choice.) The “defender” invariably has weapons of a variety of calibres—an assortment of handguns and rifles.

Unfortunately, as any combat veteran will advise, having racks of weaponry in differing calibres is a very poor approach to defence. Instead, a semi-automatic long weapon with plenty of clips of ammunition is the way to go, possibly backed up by a spare, plus a handgun or two, holstered. This should be the outfit for each defender within the home. Not an interesting but ineffective gun collection.

And, even if you’re more combat-ready, with, say, a dozen M-16’s, if you don’t also have a dozen trained defenders living in your home, they’ll do you little good.

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