by Charles Savoie, Silver Market News:

In April we reviewed details on James Ben Ali Haggin (1827- 1914, Episcopalian; Pilgrims Society member known as “the greatest mine owner on earth”) in “Silver Mining Kingpin Opposed Silver Money.” In August we reviewed the Guggenheim mining dynasty in “Vast Mining Fortune Represented in Pilgrims Society World Money Trust.” This item will be about the South Africa Oppenheimer mining fortune

(diamonds, gold, platinum, uranium, titanium, zinc, copper, cobalt, coal, chemicals, manganese, rhodium, nickel, iron etc.) and there was a marriage in 1660 between the Guggenheims and Oppenheimers, back in the Old World. Not only that, but Jakob Oppenheimer ran a bank at Hanover, Germany, where the first Rothschild was an apprentice during 1757-1763! Samuel Oppenheimer (1630-1703) was military supplier to King Leopold I of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia. The Guggenheims appear to have mostly died out and those still bearing that name being of lesser influence, the fortune shifting into Episcopalian hands (The Lawson-Johnstons, Episcopalians and Pilgrims Society members).

I realize those releases were way longer than most metals investors are used to reading (539 pages together) but the background on Haggin, the Guggenheims and the Lawson-Johnstons is extensive, and in fact, I only provided a basic outline on both. This time we’ll take a look at another dynastic fortune with representation in The Pilgrims, “a secret society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world” (Review of Reviews, May 1902, page 557). That fortune has a name associated with diamonds, gold and platinum—the Oppenheimers of De Beers and Anglo-American Corporation. I was almost startled to find several Oppenheimers shifting from Jewish religion to Anglican (Church of England, known in America as Episcopalian). But it confirms again the top bosses of globalism are the British Royal family, sponsors of The Pilgrims Society! The Royals run the Anglican Church of England, known in America as Episcopalian Church. Join their anti-Vatican church, you may gain standing with them. First let’s have a look at the Oppenheimer dynasty and the fortune represented thereby. Cecil Rhodes is famed for cartelizing the South African diamond mines. He died in 1902, and over twenty years later control of the diamond mines passed to a new company organized by the Oppenheimers. Below, the flag used by Cecil Rhodes, the man who schemed The Pilgrims Society (or at least he was the front man who schemed it) — he also launched Consolidated Gold Fields— and formed Gold Fields of South Africa in 1887

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