Wall Street, ‘The Frog In The Well’ Croaks To Trump Against China


by Harley Schlanger, Rogue Money:

Before the President abjured public-private partnerships and called for public financing of his trillion-dollar infrastructure building idea, such as the New York Times would acknowledge that China’s publicly-funded national credit issuance for new high-technology infrastructure works well, whereas the famous public-private partnerships do not. But now, to the Wall Street Journal, to Time, and to London’s The Economist, the Belt and Road has become a geopolitical, virtually “captive nations” scheme and the project credits from China a powerful flood of debt enslaving the nations in it.

What is really involved, is the potential that Trump’s very good relationships with Xi, Putin, and Abe may start turning into actual cooperation for the mutual economic and social benefit of their nations, and also many others, fostering in the process the cultural optimism greatly needed in the United States. This cooperation is what the Belt and Road Initiative actually is, per the testimony of leaders in Africa, Central and Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe; and honest journalists from those countries as well.

Against this, the Wall Street frog is croaking out of the well to Trump: “Don’t Join!”

But the pressure in the United States to address the so-called “natural disasters” of September is becoming intense. They pulled the nation’s citizens together—they also exposed that the United States lacks basic modern economic infrastructure to protect its citizens; its leaders have failed to promote the general welfare, at the cost of many human lives and many hundreds of billions of dollars of productive employment and wealth.

The pressure is keenly felt, but there are no ideas. Though “infrastructure plans” are being promised now from White House and Congress, there is a vacuum of ideas of how to execute them. Where the Philippines is at last getting projects of transportation and flood-control infrastructure with China’s credit; where nations in Africa are joining with China to eradicate extreme poverty at last; there is no plan to bring modern power to Puerto Rico.

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