by James Perloff,

I don’t normally use my blog to discuss a personal grievance, but this is a matter that has implications for everyone interested in truth. There is an epidemic of political censorship going on, especially since Hillary Clinton’s defeat ignited backlash against so-called “fake news.” YouTubers, for example, have been increasingly demonetized or flat-out expelled.

Many in alternative media suspected that, once Amazon eliminated retail competitors, it would exploit its monopoly on books and start progressively suppressing “politically incorrect” material. We have already seen this with Amazon recently banning certain books by authors like Texe Marrs and Jim Fetzer. Since 2013, Amazon has sold my book Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, an A-Z primer on the “New World Order,” in both paperback and Kindle formats. As I write this, it has over 100 Amazon reviews, 71 percent “five star” and 16 percent “four star.”

On October 16, anonymous Amazon staff notified me that Kindle had suspended sales of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior.  It was simply signed, “” No name; not even a department. Kind of like Trump getting a letter from an overseas government official, signed “Argentina.”

This was not the first sign of trouble, however. On June 30 of this year I published a post entitled 9/11 Simplified. It made some unique observations supporting the theory that the Twin Towers were imploded by small nuclear weapons; it also proposed that the 9/11 planes were hijacked by real hijackers—not the incapable Arabs named by the government and media, but elite Israeli special ops, well-trained on Boeings.

After the article was published, an outstanding book it had referenced, William Tahil’s Ground Zero: The Nuclear Demolition of the World Trade Centre (2006), was suddenly scrubbed from the Internet, after being online for years.

That same day, Amazon reset the price of the paperback edition of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior above $19, after selling it for years at attractive discounts, typically in the range of about $16. Amazon, of course, uses algorithms to adjust product prices, and while Lonely Warrior’s price would vary here and there, it had not sold close to its cover price. Yet that’s where it sits as I publish this, right at cover price: $19.95. Below are cropped screen shots of two orders I placed for the book, for radio show hosts whose programs I was scheduled to appear on—an order in July (with a price that had long been typical), and one last week:

What caused the price to skyrocket by more than four dollars? There had been no recent dramatic change in sales volume to trigger a jolt from a computerized algorithm.

I don’t get any extra money, incidentally, from the higher sales price; my royalty is fixed. All the change accomplished was to make the book more difficult to buy. At the same time, I noticed Amazon had raised the prices of my other books, Tornado in a Junkyard and The Case against Darwin, to full cover price, after selling them at steep discounts for many years (although I don’t know on what date that change occurred).

However, there was one price that couldn’t be touched—that of the Kindle version of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior. Kindle prices are set in stone, by the authors/publishers. So, to make Truth Is a Lonely Warrior more inaccessible on Kindle, another strategy would have to be devised.

After four years in publication, someone at Amazon suddenly discovered three “quality” issues reported by “readers.” The anonymous notice I received said:

We’re writing to let you know that readers have reported some problems in your book. These errors significantly impact the readability of your book. We have temporarily removed it from sale so that more readers don’t experience the same problems:

Here is the totality of those “quality issues”:

(1) ONE typographical error. Here is a screen shot of the typo. There is a space missing between “The” and “1950s.”

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