Gold & Silver Prices Hold Steady As Broader Markets Become Mis-Matched


by The Doc, SilverDoctors:

SD Midweek Update: The markets are mispriced right now with some assets moving in-step when they should not be doing so. Here’s an update…

We have a nice pop in the pre-market today, Wednesday Oct 25th:

There’s good volume on that price rise too.

Since opening on Sunday night, the silver price is down slightly:

As is the gold price:

Of course, we could see this coming from as early as Friday, so we have been in defensive posture anyway. But on the fundamental side of the equation, as the days go on, the fundamentals are going to become harder and harder to ignore.

The infamous “Trump Dossier” is back in the spotlight, and it has Hillary, the DNC, and the FBI’s fingerprints all over it. Then there’s Emperor XI and an oil for gold-backed yuan story that just won’t die.There’s continuing geo-political risk in Iraq, Syria, and North Korea, and Europe is still a basket case.

And that’s just politics.

As far as the stock market goes, well, that’s the Fed’s Frankenstein, and it’s not going to put it down if it doesn’t have to.

And so we have another record high just yesterday:

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