DARPA Funds Technological Start-ups


from BATR:

The long tradition of government funding for technological development has been one of the most important aspects of creating the digital warfare battlefield. War is a primary endeavor of human behavior. The absence of peace on earth is a direct correlation from the curse of malicious human nature that pits competing sociopaths for dominance and world power. The race to invent, deploy and execute the destructive weapons of annihilation goes on with great enthusiasm as giant enterprises produce riches upon the ashes that their carnage implements. When it comes to funding the next innovation in military weapons, DARPA ranks at the head of the table of initiating the latest technology for mass murder.   

The egg heads over at Wire never found an advanced technology that departs from the onward march towards progress, states in How to Get Startups in on the Military-Industrial Complex.

“Despite the pace of global technological change, the United States military-industrial complex may never be truly “disrupted.” We need it too much. We need a robust inventory of purely public defense platforms like warships, warplanes, and advanced munitions. And we need the defense base that can build them — that highly consolidated core of “traditional” prime contractors working within a system that has proven nearly impervious to smaller, more agile “non-traditional” companies, particularly those in Silicon Valley.

So what are the most significant barriers to entry for tech companies and how can they be lowered? How do companies in Silicon Valley view prospects for doing business with the federal government in the national security arena?”

Yep, the assumption that building a bigger and more efficient killing machine are a necessary price for maintaining military superiority translates into fostering both big and small tech company advancement. In order to keep this endless parade going, seed money for startups are built into the black budgets that go unaccounted for when public monies go missing. As Activist Post reports, $10 Trillion Missing From Pentagon And No One — Not Even The DoD — Knows Where It Is, “Even though audits of all federal agencies became mandatory in 1996, the Pentagon has apparently made itself an exception, and — fully 20 years later — stands obstinately orotund in never having complied.”

Citing numerous case studies as to the operations of the government funding process, Forbes looks at These DARPA Darlings Just Raised $20M To Build A Super-Powered Google For The Internet Of Things. Actual money amounts to fund such projects are concealed, while DARPA administrative functions often provide a disclosed linkage, the cash flow is seldom traced to its final offshore banking account.

This is not a cynical assessment, it is a factual conclusion based upon the enormous unaccountable monies that never seem to be significant enough for a serious Congressional investigation or a DOJ prosecution of wrongdoers. So the preposterous game goes on.   

The history of creating the internet, contrary to Al Gore, has a long involvement from government funding. “DARPA or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, hatched ARPANET, based on the networking technologies that provided the foundation for the internet.” So when such obscure companies as the 12 Early- And Mid-Stage Startups Backed By The CIA, Pentagon, And US Army, are dissected the average investor would have no familiarity with the companies.

1. Ayasdi

2. CounterTack

3. Anomali

4. Continuum Analytics

5. ProtectWise

6. Arctic Sand Technologies

7. Evolv Technology

8. Fuel3D

9. Phantom Cyber

10. Tribogenics

11. Algorithmia

12. Skincential Sciences

If direct DARPA involvement is absent in such startups, often university research is used to further the development. The obvious role of government subsidies to academia is ignored, but such funding is crucial to keep the military-industrial complex on the cutting edge of chaos.

Governments have always been in the business of securing the best instruments of war. However, in the cyber space of the mental illness to achieve oblivion, the development of DARPA Genetically Modified Humans for a Super Soldier Army, is beyond moral constraints. Paul A. Philips warns:

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