Every American Has a Large Target Painted On Their Back


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

As I have previously mentioned, I have spoken with many of my colleagues and to a person we have concluded that there is great change coming. There are many very bizarre events taking place. When one considers the significance of this events as a stand-alone event, they make no sense and the only thing that they seem to have in commmon is the “twilight zone” nature of these variables. However, when considers these events, as described in the first thre parts of this series, it is clear that America’s darkest days lie in our immediate future.

There are many moving parts which are unfolding in unison. In short, America, we are in the midst of a coup, a regime change, a totalitarian takeover and the vast majority do not recognize that the waters are calm just prior to the tsunami that is ready to overwhelm our nation.

Americans Have Had Enough

Half of the country cannot afford a $400 car repair bill. Twenty five percent of America does not even have a bank account. About half of youn adults aged 22-35 are still living with their parents. Our jobs have been shipped overseas. A large immigrant class has tremendously lowered the middle and lower middle class wage structure of this country with 75{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of all new jobs paying less than $30,000 per year. America sees the rich getting richer, while the majority of our young adults have the economic opportunity of a feudal serf.

In addition to our economic woes, the fact that the ovewhelming number of Congress is on the take, is obviousl to anyone caring to take a look. People like Diane Feinstein enter the Senate as a millionaire and on a public servant’s salary, becomes a billionaire. The graft, greed and corruption is there for all to see. In addition, our country is war weary and what do we get? Well, we get endless war. As a result, many Americans love their country but hate their government. This is why the networks and all their government sponsored propaganda are going broke. CNN is on life suppport. Why? Because the people view their government as the enemy, but they still love the Red, White and Blue. Nobody represents the common man because the corporate-sponsored campaign donations and outright bribes controls the majority of the lawmakers. Americans are increasingly isloated with no support and there is a rising awareness of this fact.

We live in a conflict-weary nation where one half of the country hates the other half. We live in country where an educator can be fired for stating that biologically speaking, there are only two genders because as everybody knows, that there are 97 genders. This quackery science is offensive to all who have even the slightest amount of common sense.

Young Black people are told that they should blame Whites for any life issues that they are experiencing. White people are told that all the problems in the country are due to “White privilege”, and that Whites should be made to be “uncomfortable”. Even leading sports figures, like San Antonio Spurs NBA basketball coach, GeggPopovich, basically apologized for being White.

This country is turning itself in a bastion of reverse racism, that is being promoted unashamedly by the mainstream media, South African style. Even former NFL player and current ESPN broacaster, Mark Schlereth who happens to beWhite,  recently stated that the kneeling NFL players were correct to be protesting white privilige. It is all part of the corporate-controlled script. Many White Americans feel as I do when I say I have never committed an act of racial discrimination and have frequently decried the presence of such. However, no person chooses their race and there is nothing that any member of any race should ever feel compelled to apologize for.  We are responsible for ourselves, not for the collective values of the past. There will be no reparations only an open hand and equal opportunity. Many Americans know that the artificially created racial issues of the day are a divide and conquer move. The objective is to keep the majority of Americans who are disenfranchised from joining forces against those who are enslaving us. In this sense, there is no White privilige, only Deep State privilige for those that serve their satanically inspired masters.

Along Came Donald Trump

Americans have had enough. Many of us feel as if we are living in a country that has been conquered and occupied. Up is down and down is up much like in 1984 where war was peace. The majority of Americans have had enough and banded together long enough to elect Donald Trump because they no longer wanted to hear the same worn out promises made by unethical politicians every four years.

The Deep State tried to derail Donald Trump in the Republican Primar of 2016 where it was 16 candidates and the media vs. Trump. Trump won hands down.  The American people have spoken clearly.

The Deep State tried to derail Donald Trump in the general election and they miserably failed.  The American people have spoken very clearly.

The Deep State has tried to derail President Trump’s Presidency with the ridiculous Russian allegations that nobody with any common sense believes. The American people spoke very clearly.

The Deep State has most recently tried to falsely play the race card as Trump defended traditional American values such as demonsrating respect for the National Anthem. Again, President Trump has prevailed with the overwhelming support of the people. The NFL, the NBA and Major League Baseball are in full treat. Please take note, Leonardo DiCaprio, you are next with your nonsense climate change and gun control views. America has had enough.  monolithic organizations like the NFL are in full retreat with sponsors running for cover. The American people have spoken, again, in a decisive manner.

The Deep State has done everything that they can to derail Trump, but it is not really Trump that they are after. They are opposed to the populism that defines Trump’s Presidency. the Deep State wants obedient slave not free-thinking citizens.

The Coming Deep State Attack Against You

If assassinating Donald Trump was enough to stem the tide of populism in this country, then Trump would already have gone the way of John F. Kennedy. For the Deep State to advance their New World Order agenda, the American people must now be dealt with. the populist spirit awakened by Donald Trump must be extinguised at all costs. When Trump fades into the night, this spirit will not go with him. Therefore, every American has a target painted on their back.

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