John McCain: An American Traitor for the Ages


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

As a relatively young man in 1980, I had just finished reading the book, Trilaterals Over Washington,authored by Patrick Wood and the late Anthony Sutton. In the book, I learned from extensive documentation, that America had been taken over by a small minority of wealthy elitists. I was shocked, angered and outraged that our elected officials were spitting in the face of the Constitution by allowing this to happen.

I began a search to find out more about what I had read in the Pat Wood’s book. In the days before the Internet, I was forced to use the old card catalogue system. I went to varous universities. I went to public libraries. I called the staffs of various member of Colorado’s congressional delegation. Through all my research, I found one, only ONE article that even mentioned the Trilateral Commission and it was the globalist mouthpiece, The Atlantic. This early New World Order rag stated that the organization was pro-human rights and that the creation of a new philosophy would benefit humanity because of the creation of “a more equitable and just world order”.  I was angy beyond belief. I realized that the America was screwed and at some future date, we were going to lose our country!

Can you imagine, in 1980, the reaction I got when I did my version of Paul Revereimitation “The Trilaterals are coming, the Trilaterals are coming”. My closest friends and my girlfriend had thought I had literally lost my mind. I was just getting started with my coaching and academic career. Some of my academic colleagues and graduate school professors accused me of being a “John Bircher”.  I did not even know what a John Bircher was, I just knew that at some future date that we were going to lose our country.

The Trilateral Commission and its first cousin, The Council on Foreign Relations were very secretive in those days and only “crazy people” talked about these organizations. I guess I was one of the early “conspiracy theorists”. During that time, most of my friends thought that I had lost my mind, and being on the verge of losing a very cute girlfriend, I chose to go back to sleep. Ironcially, in 2017, Pat Wood is my now friend and I am on a lot of naughty lists due to my advocacy for the restoration of the Constitution.

Today, events have really changed. Hillary Clinton campaigned, for the Presidency, in front of the Council of Foreign Relations back drop, repeatedly.

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