Friday The Thirteenth Golden Jackass


by Chuck Ochelli, Ochelli Effect:

The Ochelli Effect 10-13-2017 Jim Willie The man behind The “Hat Trick Newsletter” @

Plus producer Tony Hurst has an unscripted conversation with Chuck in the second hour

Hour 1 we break down money , Gold , Oil , and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex along with a few unusual subjects with the uniquely talented Jim Willie from

Jim’s insights into finance ,  global trends , realities and the secret or not-so-secretworld of real deals is one of a kind and the Ochelli Effect is lucky to have Jim appear on a monthly basis. On Friday The Thirteenth Golden Jackass , we hear Jim answer listener questions and explain what happens when China decides to “Flip The Switch” , and what has happened to US Presidentswhen they push back against the banking Cabals.

Second Hour Tony Hursy makes a rare appearance on the show to pick Chuck’s brain a bit about current events , Climate Change , and What In Hell is actually going on in the alleged United States. The future of the show is addressed and Tony’s priceless contribution to show , website and Chuck’s basic knowledge are discussed. Also , What was that noise at the second hour break?

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