The Tampering of Crime Scene Evidence to Preserve the Lone-Nut-Gunman Narrative


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

“We must control who has access to guns”….Said to Jimmy Fallon immediately after the Mandalay Bay Massacre. The motive behind this false flag is in full view for all who choose to see it.

Lest we forget history, we are doomed to repeat it.

The goal of the Mandalay Bay Massacre Is gun confiscation and everything is being done to preserve the narrative.

This installment of The Common Sense Show focuses on effort to tamper with the Las Vegas crime scene evidence in order to preserve the lone nut gunman conclusion.

Another Historical Parallel Has Surfaced In the Vegas Shooting

When JFK was murdered, the so-called authorities moved to obfuscate the indepenent discovery of any ammunition that could not have come from Oswald’s Italian rifle.

When JFK was taken to Parkland Hospital, Lyndon Johnson ordered the Presidential car to be scrubbed. Johnson commited obstruction of justice and tampering with a crime scene.

The assassin on the grassy knoll, Lucianne Sarti, according to Christian David who gave Sarti the contract to kill JFK, use hollow point bullets. Mary Ann Mormon who took the infamous Mormon photo, one-sixth of a second following the impact of the bullet that “blew the back part of JFK’s head off. In the course of the autopsy, JFK’s was unexplainably lost. Why? Because Oswald’s gun did not shoot hollow point bullets. Lyndon Johnson had to destroy the crime scene of the Presidential car just in case the caliber and type of ammunition that might have been found did not match Oswald’s gun.

The lessons of history speak very loudly, will America listen? Consider the following email I received:

Dear Dave,

Please pardon my clandestine efforts to put this information into your hands. Following the shooting incident, I was brought in to a Las Vegas hospital. As a result of my experience,  I wanted to report something very unusual. 

 I have performed many ER surgeries in which the forensic evidence was collected by local law enforcement. In many cases, I would remove bullet fragments and the police would catalogue the fragment and I would sign an affidavit attesting to the fact that this was indeed the fragment I removed from my patient. The resulting evidence tag or bag may include identification information such as time, date and exact location of recovery, method of extractionand who recovered the item and how. The reports can and usually are very lengthy. 

In aftermatch of the Las Vegas shootings, I had removed several fragments from an undisclosed number of victims and not once was my signature requested on any evidence document or inventory. In fact, the “evidence” was collected by men who did not make their law enforcement affiliation known. This is the first time in my career where I have seen such a procedure or lack of one. If the collected evidence were to be gathered and used in a trial, my authentication would be crucial to the prosecutor. In fact, when the evidence was collected at the hospital, it did not appear that there was any intention to catalogue the collected evidence. I have testified in court and I know from my experience, that if I had not attested to the nature of the evidence and “handling” of the evidence, the defense attorney would have destroyed the authenticity of the same. Therefore, after three such instances, I have concluded that there is no intent to ever match the evidence to an alleged shooter’s gun because to do so now would likely result in a judge preventing the evidence from being entered in the first place. 

I have concluded that this is part of a movement to control the flow of information. I do not know if my experience is unique because I have learned from past experience that politics can enter into these cases and I have learned not to ask questions that would bring undue attention upon myself. I hope you will make my experience known to the public in the hope that others might come forward.

Please do not reply to this email as it is from a public site and I had a confederate transcribe my message in case there were surveillance cameras. I am not paranoid but I know that if evidence is being tampered with, this is the most dangerous time for any of the witnesses. For example, when Breitbart died, I did not think that there was anything unusual until the coroner performing the autopsy was allegedly poisoned. I am certain you understand. We have sent this email out to four individuals like yourself in the hope that we can generate some attention. I hope you will understand that at least for the foreseeable future, I will be remaining anonymous for at least the present time. 

As compelling and dramatic as is the supposed communication listed above appears to be, I cannot verify its authenticity. After receiving the communication I did a search engine review that would have likely taken place in the aftermath of an event like this in a trauma center or emergency room. I could find nothing that would verify or dispute the contents of this email. However, given the unfolding nature of the evidence that clearly points to a false flag, I find this account to be believable.

The following video was sent to me last night and it is a doctor’s and a Las Vega resident’s account of the event.  It is worthy of viewing and it raises some of the same question that the alleged ER doctor’s email raises.

Connecting the Dots

The reason I compared the behavior of the “authorities” following JFK’s assassination to the present is it shows a mindset to create a specific narrative. Here is the narrative.

This is only the work of a lone nut assassin. This prevents any hint of a conspiracy from surfacing. Be default, this means that this is a conspiracy. In my past writings, I have clearly established the link between George Soros’ Southen Poverty Law Center, Jim Murren’s support of Antifa and all of the unexplained crime scene evidence which points to multiple shooters.

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