Joe Biden’s Daughter Says She Hopes He Runs in 2020


by Adam Shaw, Breitbart:

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s daughter said this week that she hopes her father runs for the presidency in 2020, a move likely to stoke speculation that Biden is planning what could be a formidable run against President Trump.

Ashley Biden made the remarks to when she was asked if Biden was running — although she noted that any decision is “a little ways away.”

I hope so. He’s busier truly than ever. Right now his focus is on the [Biden] Foundation and Cancer Moonshot, as well as getting other Democrats elected. He’s not there. He’s taking it day by day after the loss of my dear beloved brother [Beau who died in 2015]…He’ll make a decision when that time comes.

It’s a little ways away. A lot can happen in four years and we know this as a family,” she added. “If he is in good health, knock on wood, and seeing what the landscape is at the time, yeah, I think he is considering it.”

Biden considered running for the Democratic nomination in 2016 but eventually chose against it — in part because he was still mourning the death of his son Beau Biden, who passed away after a battle with brain cancer in 2015.

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