ISIS Joins Leftists In Celebrating Hurricane Irma


by Paul Joseph Watson, :

Here’s yet another thing that the far-left and ISIS have in common; They’re both celebrating the devastation about to be caused by Hurricane Irma.

According to screenshots and captions provided by Memri, “Pro-ISIS users on social media….are eagerly awaiting the destruction that (Hurricane Irma) is likely to cause.”

“May Allah drown the enemies of Islam and force them into their knees subdued, and humiliated, defeated, and scattered!” commented one pro-ISIS Facebook page.

“Irma is very powerful and most destructive hurricane will hit USA in few Hours. This is Power of Allah,” said another.

“Due to the threat of storm millions of people from Florida are displaced from their homes. O Crusaders! This is the reward of your crimes against Muslims. Do not forget it,” added another.

In fact, the only group of people who seemed more gleeful about the divine retribution about to be dished out by Hurricane Irma were….you guessed it – leftists.

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