FEMA Director: Irma ‘Is Going to Devastate the United States,’ Starting With Florida


by Susan Jones, CNS News:

FEMA Director Brock Long, in a Friday morning update, told a news conference there’s no question that Hurricane Irma will damage or destroy parts of Florida, and he said people in other states should not rest easy:


“Obviously, Hurricane Irma continues to be a threat that is going to devastate the United States in either Florida or some of the southeastern states,” Long told a 7:30 a.m. news conference.


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“This is a complex forecast. Anybody from Alabama to North Carolina should be watching this storm very closely. The forecast and the direct impacts of this storm have yet to be determined because, one, it’s a very powerful storm. 







“But the nature of the curve in that forecast after 72 hours is going to be the key to see who gets the worst impacts here. It’s not a question of if Florida’s going to be impacted, it’s a question of how bad Florida’s going to be impacted and where the storm ends up over the next four to five days as it passes inland.”

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Long said anyone from Alabama to North Carolina needs to monitor Irma and take preparations.


“Obviously there’s a lot of evacuation activity taking place in Florida over the last 24 to 48 hours. Heed all local warnings,” Long said.

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