USS John S. McCain Part I: The Official Story


from Rogue Money:

“The guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain (DDG 56) was involved in a collision with the merchant vessel Alnic MC while underway east of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore on Aug. 21. There are currently 10 Sailors missing and five injured. The collision was reported at 6:24 a.m. Japan Standard Time, while the ship was transiting to a routine port visit in Singapore. The ship is currently sailing under its own power and heading to port. Alnic MC is a 600-foot oil and chemical tanker with a gross tonnage of 30,000. Initial reports indicate John S. McCain sustained damage to her port side aft. The extent of damage and personnel injuries is being determined. The incident will be investigated.”

— U.S. 7th Fleet Public Affairs, August 20, 2017

On August 20th, while the Senatorial son of her namesake, Admiral John S. McCain, was enjoying the cool waters of our beautiful Oak Creek near Sedona, Arizona, the naval destroyer USS John S. McCain was about to lose ten of her sailors as a result of an unexplained collision with a commercial cargo ship in the Strait of Malacca.

I will let the official tweets from the U.S. Navy and 7th fleet lay out the sequence of events. As a result of this incident and three other “mishaps” that have occurred this year alone, the decision to remove Commander Aucoin was handed down almost immediately. Many of us have raised more than one eyebrow over suspicions of what really happened, including the Sirius Report, Bill Holter, and Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, whose comments I will include in the next blog.

First, a reminder of the USS Fitzgerald and similar incident that preceded this one.

August 20th: damage to the USS John S. McCain is announced.

August 21st. Photos of the damage are released. 

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