Julian Assange: YouTube Commentators Are Red Pilling a Generation


by Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com :

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange asserts that an entirely new generation is now getting their social and political education from right-leaning YouTube commentators.

During a Twitter discussion about how much the independent left is resonating with young people compared to libertarians and those on the right, Assange made it clear that the right is making greater inroads.

“This is where young men, not on the left, are now getting their social or political education. This includes people like @PrisonPlanet,” tweeted Assange. He went on to mention Stefan Molyneux and libertarian commentator Styxhexenhammer666.



“While the U.S. “left” still has its anti-war heavy hitters, from Chomsky to Michael Moore, the new, vibrant, english speaking, organic culture is oral, and emerges from self-made videos on YouTube and forums,” he added.


The context of the discussion was Assange’s original tweet in which he asked, “Why is the anti-interventionist, anti-imperialist vigor so much stronger in the U.S. “right” compared to the U.S. “left”?”


The notion that the right or more accurately cultural libertarianism, a movement opposed to identity politics, has come to dominate YouTube was recently acknowledged by big left-wing media outlets like VICE and the New York Times.

In an article entitled Why the Right is Dominating YouTube, VICE’s Tom Whyman responded to my tweet in which I asserted that the right was winning the narrative war on YouTube by writing, “Paul Joseph Watson is right.”

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