by Dan Lyman, Infowars:

Civil war in Europe now inevitable due to Islamic invasion

British statesman Nigel Farage has conceded that Europeans have crossed a tipping point and are now facing a battle against jihadists that could go on for decades, despite countless forewarnings about border security and immigration trends issued by nationalists like him.

In an interview with Westmonster, Farage was asked how he feels about the unfolding crisis of Islamic terrorism in the UK and Europe, knowing that he has attempted for many years to avert the looming catastrophe while being constantly defamed and slandered by the global elite, EU internationalists, and mainstream media alike.

“No one said sorry, not one – the legions who lined up to say that I was racist, neo-fascist – no one has apologized.” Farage said. “Surely, decent people would admit they were wrong.”

“To be honest, even my most pessimistic view of what was going to happen here has been far exceeded by truth and reality.”

“I think we are in a very bad place. I think we are in for decades of a very difficult and literally bloody fight, and I believe we have brought it all upon ourselves,” he assessed.

The EU’s head of counter-terrorism, Gilles de Kerchove, revealed in a recent interview with El Mundo that there are more than 50,000 known Islamic radicals currently in Europe, 20,000 – 25,000 of whom are in the United Kingdom.

“I would not venture to a specific figure, but tens of thousands, more than 50,000,” Kerchove stated when asked to estimate the number of jihadists in Europe.

According to El Mundo, Kerchove believes that Islamic slaughter in Europe is “a generational question that will accompany us for decades,” and that “we will suffer more attacks… it seems clear that something like Barcelona will happen again,” which serve as confirmations of Farage’s assertions.

Additionally, Kerchove admits that European governments and intelligence agencies have been overwhelmed and are incapable of tracking all threats since the migrant crisis exploded, saying, “Three years ago it was easy to identify someone radicalized. Now, most fanatics disguise their convictions.”

Neil Basu, counter-terrorism chief for the London Metropolitan Police, disclosed that security services are currently probing over 600 possible terrorist plots – more than 60 of which have been opened in the past six weeks, and that more investigations are being launched than are being closed.

“It is not going to change. This was truly a summer like no other, it was truly a shift and not a spike, it is truly a new norm that we face,” Basu told a conference of police superintendents, blaming “porous” borders and ports, and “a lack of biometrics and advanced passenger information” for new arrivals.

At least 35 attempted or successful terrorist attacks have been carried out across Europe so far in 2017, as demonstrated on a map compiled by Breitbart London’s editor-in-chief, Raheem Kassam, who writes, “The continent has seen 72 deaths and over 430 injuries this year as a result. Only one of those deaths, and 10 of the injuries, were not migration-related or Islamic in nature.”

In 2015, Infowars reported on an Islamic State handbook that detailed the group’s plans to send their fighters and loyalists into Europe, disguised within the waves of migrants and ‘refugees’ pouring onto the continent.

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