Silver: Quiet Possibly The Single Most Effective Propaganda Campaign In History


by Rory Hall, The Daily Coin:

David Icke, during his 2014 annual Wimbledon Stadium presentation, was discussing how our perception of everything is based on what we believe to be true or what we have been taught to be true. Even if a person is presented a contrarian physical piece of evidence most people will not accept it as true and continue to believe their perception of truth.

When there are a few that control the many, you can’t do it physically. You can do it physically in a small area you can’t do it physically across the world. You have to program the perception of the people so that they see the world that suits you.

These are three major CIA people:

William Casey, CIA Director – We’ll know when our disinformation programming is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

William Colby, CIA Director – The CIA owns everyone of any significance in major media.

James Angelton – Head of CIA Counter intelligence –  Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the state.

Allow those words to sink in just for a moment. Does this change your perception of the truth? Does it impact your perception of the truth in any way? Is David Icke just a “nut-job”?

We make choices everyday about who we are, what we believe and how we arrived at this point or that point. These choices reflect our perception of the world we live in.

Look at how the American perception of gold and has been shaped. What about money and currency? Most people have no idea there is a difference between the two. The reason for this lack of knowledge was developed through decades of misusing these vitally important words. People’s perception of gold is that it is for jewelry and has little value outside of rings, earrings or some other form of jewelry. Rarely is jewelry seen as a mechanism for harnessing and preserving wealth. Even the people that sell jewelry, outside of bullion dealers that sell it as a store of wealth, understand what they are offering for “melt” at the local pawn shop. They simply see another piece of jewelry.

Gold is money and gold has been money for thousands of years. Silver has been money even longer than gold. People have truly been dumbed-down when it comes to silver. Most people perceive silver as being almost worthless and, for the most part, they don’t even want it as jewelry, it’s for “silverware” and not much else. Talk about an effective propaganda campaign! WOW!

The use of the word “money” to describe the fiat currency, Federal Reserve Note, is a hold over from when actual dollars, not the Federal Reserve Note that is called a “dollar”. Money, which is gold, before the introduction of the Federal Reserve System, was paper currency that was backed by gold and the paper “note” carried value because a person could take it to the bank, turn it in and receive the amount of gold the “note” represented. What would a person get for a Federal Reserve Note today if it were presented to a banker and ask for the value it represented? Another worthless, fiat paper currency of the same amount. “Legal Tender” are the words actually printed on these “mini contracts” sold to the U.S. Treasury Department from the Federal Reserve.

Silver is the problem the bankers currently face. There simply isn’t enough silver for all the uses and all the physical silver demand around the world. Each year the Silver Institute publishes an annual report showing all the silver mined, all the varieties of demand and uses, The Silver institute also presents the “surplus or deficit” for each year. Was there any silver left over or how much more demand was there than actual silver?

For the past several years silver has been reported as being in a deficit. I’m not exactly sure how this works if one would go to a silver warehouse and find an I.O.U. or how one would even come to realize there is a deficit unless it is based on manufacturing or unfulfilled demand.

The Silver Institute recently released their Annual Silver Report, for Supply and Demand, published in 2017

[Editor’ Note – The Silver Institute prohibits reproduction of their charts and other information. By clicking this link you can see the Supply and Demand]

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