Get Out While You Still Can: Paris Hilton Pitches An ICO On Twitter


from Zero Hedge:

The ICO market just received an endorsement from the reality television star who tried to copyright the phrase “that’s hot.”

Hotel-empire heiress Paris Hilton revealed on twitter that she’s joined the ICO party just as the Chinese government has announced harsh new restrictions that will make it virtually impossible for its citizens, some of the most voracious buyers of these coins, to participate in new offerings.

Hilton said this weekend that she’s “looking forward” to participating in an offering called Lydiancoin.

According to Business Insider, LydianCoin is a platform that wants to combine the blockchain with “targeted, AI driven digital marketing and advertising services.” In its white paper (of course, the company launching the offering hasn’t actually built the product yet), advertising-tech company Gravity4 aims to raise $100 million by selling 20 million Lydian coins at $5 a pop. As BI reports, Gravity4’s CEO Gubaksh Chahal pleaded guilty to assault in 2014 after being accused of beating his girlfriend, and was accused of violating his probation by assaulting another woman.

Hilton joins a pack of celebrities who’ve used their presence on social media to hype ICOs. Floyd “Crypto” Mayweather, has publicized his investments in a handful of ICOs. Dennis Rodman notoriously wore a t-shirt advertising an ICO called “potcoin” when he returned from visiting Kim Jong Un in North Korea earlier this year.

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