Cooling Towers, Climate Engineering & Hurricane Harvey, Is There A Connection?


by Dane Wiggington, Geoengineering Watch:

Harvey dropped over 25 TRILLION gallons of water in Texas and Louisiana. The immensity of water volume carried in our warming atmosphere by massive storms like Harvey is truly difficult to even comprehend. Are power plant cooling towers really being covertly used to supply the moisture for weather systems? Even for hurricanes? Is this mathematically possible? Deluges and catastrophic floods are increasing all over the globe, what are the primary factors? Numerous activists have requested me to address the facts just mentioned, the 10 minute video below is my answer.

Though the water vapor emitted from cooling towers can and does create cloud formations under the right conditions, this is a very different issue as compared to the primary mechanisms of Earth’s atmospheric water vapor generation for fueling storms. More evaporation from a warming planet and warming seas (which climate engineering is making worse overall, not better). The fight to expose and halt the climate engineering assault is the most critical battle we face. If we are to have even the slightest chance of prevailing, credibility is crucial. We must all investigate before coming to conclusions in order to ensure any information we share is actually credible.

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