Details Matter: Here’s Exactly HOW the NWO is Forming (VIDEO)


by Bernie Suarez, The Daily Sheeple:

This week I focus listeners on the ‘how’: How the new global order is being created, how America is being destroyed, how president Trump is being undermined so that the globalists can get their new world order. I also analyze a recent presentation by former CIA operative Kevin Shipp who insists the “deep state” and the “shadow government” are two completely different entities. I address why it’s so important to not get caught up in arbitrary terms and instead focus on what is actually happening.

In this episode we address how the ongoing Hollywood propaganda to help overthrow Trump and demonize Russia continues as well as the ongoing phenomenon of cities, mayors, governors and many locally elected officials in the U.S. now ignoring the nation state and overtly aligning themselves with the new world order. This is huge!

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