Catalan Police are Siding with the People Against Madrid


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, the police in Barcelona are starting to defend the people against Madrid. Thank you so much!

REPLY: The critical moment in any revolution is when the police/army switch sides to the people. Yeltsin stood on the tanks in Russia and the army stood down. In Ukraine, I warned that the people had to get the police to switch to their side and the revolution would succeed. I wrote that the riot police in Kiev were really imported Russian. To beat the government, the real police had to turn against the imported police. I am not speaking from OPINION. I am speaking from a pure analytical perspective looking closely at every revolution and how they unfold, fail, or win.

Where is there trouble? Look at Venezuela. The police and army are defending the corrupt government against the people. That is when blood flows in the streets and it is usually the people. The Spanish government has still a core of fascism running through its veins. It is attempting to use riot policeagainst the people the same identical manner as we saw in Ukraine. It has been at the instigation of the government of the right-wing conservative Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, who is against the people and hopefully will be rejected in the months ahead by all of Spain.  Rajoy has ordered the regional police to be placed under the supervision of the Spanish security forces, including the guardia civil, a paramilitary police group, which is widely disused in Catalonia. This is clearly the action of what a dictator would do – defend the government at the expense of the blood of the people. Rajoy has to understand that government is NOT the sovereign of a state – it is the people!

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