Trump Ally Roger Stone Calls John Podesta a Pedophile


by Caleb Ecarma,  Mediaite:

Infamous for his dirty-tricksterism, ludicrous statements and gaudy persona, Roger Stone has never backed off from blustery political antics — and casually throwing around accusations of pedophilia are literally just another Tuesday in his life.

In a tweet issued Tuesday evening, Stone called former Hillary Clintoncampaign manager John Podesta a pedophile, again implying that the Democrat strategist is involved in the made-up child sex ring known as Pizzagate.

Pizzagate is a conspiracy theory created by the more fringe supporters of President Donald Trump, which claimed that Clinton staffers were behind a pedophile ring based inside a Washington pizza restaurant. The debunked idea was inspired by a number of pro-Trump media figures — including InfoWars’ Ales Jones — who claimed Clinton allies used code-words to refer to child prostitutes in emails published by Wikileaks.

Stone has also claimed that Gen. Michael Flynn knew of pedophiles involved in the “Deep State” — implying that this was a reason why Flynn was ousted from the Trump Administration.

Yesterday, Stone appeared in front of the House Intelligence Committee in a closed-doors hearing regarding Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election. The allegations against Stone are that he had prior knowledge of the Clinton campaign hacking, since Stone tweeted an ominous threat toward Podesta two days before his emails were released. Additionally, Stone was known to have contact with a hacker believed to be connected to Russian cyberattacks.

However, he denies any involvement with Russia both personally and on behalf of the Trump campaign, saying that — despite his sleazy persona — treason is not a tactic he would stoop to.

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