James Turk: Gold and Silver Solutions to Monetary Madness


from The Daily Coin:

Over the past several months it has become quiet clear that we had best be seeking solutions for this ongoing monetary madness that will safe guard our our individual needs and future wealth preservation. This is not a great mystery nor is it some “theory” dreamt up by basement dwelling lunatic. All one needs to do is read the headlines around the world and the picture is as clear as bright sunny day.

I sat down with James Turk, Founder and Director, GoldMoney, author of The Money Bubble, co-written with John Rubino, Dollar Collapse and James has a new venture under the GoldMoney umbrella, Lend and Borrow Trust Company found at LendBorrowTrust.com to discuss solutions for our changing monetary world.

Just this past week we learned the state of Ohio’s civil employees pension fund is imploding. This is just the latest state operated pension program to begin to fray or completely implode. Detroit, CALPers, Teamsters all come to mind as these massive pension programs begin to unravel from years of mismanagement, underfunding and over-promising. We have documented this problem at length here at The Daily Coin and this is just one of the more glaring problems. We also have this whole unemployment issue, inflation issue and currency debasement issue.

These 4 issues could easily be defined as the 4 horsemen of economic apocalypse. No need to be that dramatic, but just know we are not discussing situations that can be easily corrected. With a few changes to ones personal world these issues can become non-issues.

Our world is changing. We endless unconstitutional war, madmen running the major central banks around the world and governments filled with corrupt to the core politicians. The good news is, at least the two major communist countries are making strides to improve the world through economic and geopolitical alliances like the EAEU, SCO, BRI and BRICS just to name the bigger projects.

Mr. Turk offers some great insight as to what is happening and how to overcome some of the challenges we currently face. Of course gold and silver are at the foundation of the solution as these have been at the foundation of the solution for more than 4,000 years. If you’re the foundation of a solution for that length of time, there could be a reason behind it.

The conservation begins with Mr. Turk introducing us to his new venture, LendBorrowTrust, which sounds a lot like the Silver Bank that Chris Duane, Silver Shield Xchange discussed with us just a few weeks back. This is a great solution to some of the smaller monetary issues but the really great news is how this solution brings gold and silver to the monetary world – and it can not be stopped.