Macro Theory To Macro Reality To Macro/Micro Calamity! It Ain’t Going To Magically Disappear, It’s Coming!


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In this installment, it is time to put nature’s business laws in proper perspective, and kick the technical analysis in the crotch a bit, even though I feel technical analysis has it’s proper place.  It has been my observation that when one sees the terms macro or micro in sequence with terms like“finance and/or economics” in tow, the eyes typically glaze over and the mind shuts down. Which is a shame, because the basics just ain’t that complicated, heck even the typical family household operates within the confines of the standards of “macro theories followed by macro realities.”   The parents deal with the larger picture and it’s theories, and keep it to themselves if necessary until the proper times for effective implementation.  In the business world it gets slightly more aggressive yielding confusion and complications, especially with the addition of winners and losers.  The kings of the latter (losers) yields “Macro/Micro-Calamities.”   Unfortunately, the Macro losers tend to eventually shed their pain to the unwitting micro observers.  

As usual, this installment’s messages will be tied primarily to the US, but due to the obvious importance, their competition’s latest moves will be covered in great detail.  The calamity is on going, and is coming into plain sight!   I may change gears a bit in this installment, attempting to merge the recent news items with the titled subject matter.  Why?  The two are becoming inextricably tied to one another thanks to media lies at unprecedented levels and leadership that loves to return serve in real time.  Additionally I want to take advantage of an RM commenter’s wisdom, a person who fired me some interesting tidbits of logic as well as a great video link that provides a different perspective on the misguided US foreign policies.  I am going to once again post my DHAP list in the “Hard Asset” segment, along with the DHAP “priority ratings” system I personally compiled.   Why?   It is just good business, that’s why, and the timing feels right once again.  

In a generic review of the latest news, it appears the big financial item of late is the “proud” achievement of 20 trillion in US government debt.  At least that is the official number.  Finance 101 basics: an official increase in the obligation to service the US government debt has been made, and of note the US was already well in excess of 100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} in the equation of “Debt to GDP.”  A very important 3rd World bragging right!   Oh, and BTW that is only the “official!” number.  Does anyone trust these numbers?  One number that can be trusted to be a continuing western disaster, accurate or not (it is probably worse than reported) is the huge US trade deficit, which is approaching 600 billion annually.  The government debt in combination with the “NEEDS” trade deficits (no clue how much of the near 600 billion annually is “needs vs wants”) makes it easy to see why QE in combination with what is essentially ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) will have to remain in force.   To hell with the Fed’s cartoonish statements.

With an incoming flood of US paper from totally pissed foreign debt holders, can you see a devaluation on the horizon?  A US dollar devaluation that is!   If you can’t see it coming that’s because it’s already happening, and it’s difficult to see the storm when you are riding the storm winds……!   Before making your way to the News/Subject material, check out this other “Macro reality with implementation being boldly announced (boldly announced is quite telling feature as well) …. leading to what ….. the unprepared competition’s ““Macro/Micro Calamity” ……

This next one is one hell of an example of “Macro Theory being put to work in Macro Reality.” For a preliminary, important and quite recent example, Russia just keeps launching economic bombs at the US dollar.  Putin has just asked his government for legislative approval that will make the ruble the primary currency of exchange at, not just a few but all Russian seaports.  Sticking with our title, this is a prime example of macro reality in action and the calamity that will follow is for the holders of dollars, and in particular the US holders of dollars.  Once again it is my common sense opinion that it will be the domestic holders of dollars, domestic being the country of printing origin, that will get ‘slobber-knockered’ in purchasing power failures.  A Macro/Micro calamity that is a 100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} certainty, only the degree of the severity is in question.  Moving on ……

News With Macro-Macro-Macro/Micro Calamities With No Sense Of Humor Or Mercy

Since the news will be tied to the titled subject matter this go-round, try keeping the following key points in mind as the evidentiary trail of dollar failure mounts ……

1.  The Ego in the US has lost it’s proper upward containment …..
2.  It appears that the rest of the world doesn’t realize how much the “Ego/Greed” factors are in the driver’s seat within the US and it’s decision making apparatus.  
3.  Phony reasons like the Fed’s mistakes, or the left and the right arguments, or denial of market fraud continue to dominate the false Hegelian Dialectic messages.
4.  Note the continuation of the same signals of de-dollarization, just a different time and date with each and every news release.
5.  The in-your-face exodus of former US partners looking for safer financial harbors continues to mount.
6.  The comical level of what is news in the US, typically late to the party…!
7.  The ultimate on the ground indicator of economic failure, “Stagflation” continues to spit in the totally unaware’s faces.
8.  Former safe havens for US investment taking it on the chin.
9.  US leadership that suffers from the biggest Ego failures, the biggest case of “mine is bigger than yours” in modern western history.
10. Most importantly, ask yourself, do you see anything in the following segment that indicates “The Calamity” can be stopped by human economic widgitry?
***  The go to, 100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of the time characteristic, DEBT IS KING IN DOLLAR-LAND..

In the humorous yet telling segment note the time stamps on the following news headlines…..

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