Former EPA scientist calls on Trump to end the “fake science” bureaucracy that has taken over the federal government


by Jason Veley, NaturalNews:

While you’ve probably heard of the term “fake news,” which is most often used in reference to the spread of inaccurate or fabricated political rhetoric, one term that is heard less often but deserves just as much attention is “fake science.” As the name implies, fake science refers to scientific data that has been intentionally manipulated or altered in some way so as to advance a particular political agenda. If this sounds familiar, that’s because you witness it almost every time you turn on cable news or sit down inside of your college classroom; indeed, “fake science” is exactly what progressives perpetuate whenever they talk about manmade climate change.

In a recent article published on The Daily Caller, columnist David Lewis, Research Director at the Focus For Health Foundation and a former EPA scientist, called on President Trump to put an end to the “fake science” routinely being perpetuated by leftists and radical environmentalists alike.

“Trump can eliminate federal funding of data fabrication,” Lewis wrote. “It just takes putting accomplished scientists in charge, who understand both science and the federal bureaucracy from top to bottom and will do whatever is necessary.”

As Lewis argued in the preceding part of his article, the need for President Trump to take action against the federal funding of fake science is so important because of how often data on climate change is being manipulated for political purposes. “The public is largely unaware that federal agencies often engage in fabricating scientific data to support their policies and cover up any evidence whenever they screw up,” Lewis wrote, adding that the manipulation of data isn’t a practice that is solely limited to the Environmental Protection Agency or the CDC.

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