A Marriage Made in Hell – Proof The ‘NWO Elite’ Have Teamed With Islam In An Attempt To Overthrow America And Unleash Pandemonium Upon Planet Earth


by William B. Stoecker, All News Pipeline:

No, I’m not talking about the marriage of Slick Willy Clinton and the Witch, although that certainly qualifies. I’m talking about the unholy alliance of the New World Order (NWO) elites and the Muslims. It seems that almost daily we hear of monstrous (and pointless) acts of terrorism committed by adherents of the “religion of peace”: bombings, knife attacks and beheadings, acid thrown in women’s faces, etc. 

Between these acts our Muslim brethren busy themselves with “honor killings” of their wives and daughters and by committing most of the street crime in Western Europe and a good deal of the crime here in the US. Of all the world’s major religions…Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam…only one, Islam, is continually at war with all the others. And consider that murdering “infidels” is not even an effective way to win converts; the Muslims torture, maim, and kill because they enjoy it and their religion specifically calls for it. 

When is the last time you ever saw a mob of Jews or Christians jumping up and down in the streets, waving their arms in the air, and screaming out their hatred for everyone else? Never, that’s when, but the Muslims, when not otherwise occupied (see above) spend a lot of time screaming in the streets, their faces so contorted by hatred for people they have never met and who have never harmed them that some of them no longer appear human. 

And yet our glorious leaders simply adore these cowardly thugs and murderers. They have literally been invited into the Western nations, including the US and Canada, and often given (as by Hussein Obama) high security clearances and sensitive government jobs. While Christians are increasingly persecuted, Muslims are treated as sacred cows; any criticism of them, no matter how well founded, is condemned as “hate speech,” “Islamophobia,” and “racism.” 

Remember that “hate speech” is any speech the elites hate (and they hate truth); “racism” is their go-to designated conversation stopper when anyone questions the party line…never mind that Islam is not a race. As for “Islamophobia,” why shouldn’t people fear those who would butcher them? Some of us have gone far beyond fear and are beginning to harbor a deadly hatred for our tormentors. In England and on the Continent citizens have been jailed for complaining about Islamic crime and terrorism. Germany’s head witch, Frau Merkel, has set about the deliberate destruction of Western Civilization by inviting in the invading army. 

Perhaps a brief review of the history of Islam and the history of our own would-be masters will shed some light on this very dark subject. Islam is the only one of the world’s religions founded by a child rapist and mass murderer…contrast that with what we are told of Moses, Jesus, and Buddha. Mohammed was born around 570 A.D. in Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, where dwelled Christians, Jews, and assorted pagans. He claimed that he often prayed alone in a cave, and there he was visited by the archangel Gabriel…but since when do heavenly angels hang out in caves? 

I suspect that if Muhammed did not simply invent a religion that he thought would “sell” by cobbling together elements of other religions he may have been visited, not by Gabriel, but by a very different sort of “angel.” In 610 he claimed that God had sent him a message, and he began preaching. In 622 he and his followers moved to Medina, where he married his second wife when she was nine years old, and when the Jews in Medina refused to convert and follow him, he massacred all the men and sold the surviving women and children into slavery. As you can see, not much has changed. 

In the following centuries Islam spread widely in the Near East, North Africa, parts of sub-Saharan Africa, southern Asia, and even southern Europe. In Europe, the Franks finally stopped the Muslims in what is now France, and by 1492 the Christians had driven them out of Spain. Yet in the next century the Muslim Ottoman Turks advanced as far as Vienna before being driven back. In western Asia, the Muslim warlord Timur the Lame killed perhaps 17 million people in his wars of conquest against the infidels, destroying entire cities and irrigation systems, building pyramids of human skulls, and leaving much of the region a wasteland for centuries to come. 

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