Clapper: ‘Conceivable’ Trump Was Picked Up in Conversations With Manafort


by Susan Jones, CNSNews:

“Is it possible the president was picked up in a conversation with Paul Manafort?” CNN’s Don Lemon asked former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Wednesday night.


“It’s certainly conceivable,” Clapper responded.


“Is it likely?” Lemon asked him.


“I can’t say,” Clapper responded. “I wouldn’t want to go there, but I will say it’s – it’s possible.”


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Yet, Clapper previously has said that he is unaware of any FISA-authorized wiretapping of Trump Tower or the Trump campaign.


Lemon began the Wednesday night interview by asking Clapper to comment on an exclusive CNN report that government investigators obtained a FISA court warrant to wiretap Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, both before and after the election, including times when Manafort was communicating directly with the president.


‘What’s your reaction to that?” Lemon asked Clapper.


“Well, I can’t comment on a specific FISA order,” Clapper said. “I said some things about this on “Meet the Press” on the 5th of March, and I stand on that statement. I can’t – I can’t confirm or deny.”


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