LBMA pledges ‘transparency,’ so where are the gold swaps and leases?


by Chris Powell, GoldSeek:

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Writing in the September issue of the World Gold Council’s Gold Investor newsletter, London Bullion Market Association Chief Executive Ruth Crowell writes that the organization is committed to delivering transparency and so its members will disclose their transactions with governments, central banks, and the Bank for International Settlements, including gold swaps, leases, and gold-related derivatives.

Crowell’s essay is headlined “LBMA — Delivering Transparency and Integrity” and is posted at the World Gold Council’s internet site here —…

— and if you believe this preface or anything the LBMA says about “transparency and integrity,” you shouldn’t have anything to do with gold, which remains, with the LBMA’s help, the secret knowledge of the financial universe.

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