NASA Faked The Moon Landings?!! ORION Launch is Proof!


Contributed by Capt. Dave Bertrand,

I have NOT been a fan of the “Fake Moon Landing” conspiracy, but this NASA video has a hidden message that now brings concern to how the rushed Apollo mission was (likely) a sham on the world to unite humanity in the quest for space travel. 

The new ORION space capsule is what the Apollo astronauts would have needed in-order to penetrate the Van Allen Belt. This video suggests….the upcoming test of the ORION capsule to take man to Mars is a hopeful attempt to determine many safety factors that have “NOT been tested before.” The capsule has an array of sensors and never used before heat shields, etc.


I agree with John Lear (the most ratings of aircraft in the world) the TR-3B (Triangle UFO) operated by the super secret space program, already has the capabilities to travel outside the orbit of earth with technology of back engineered (captured / crashed) UFO’s.

The question remains…WHY?

Why is NASA suggesting that ORION is the latest technology for space travel and when it is well known, astronauts travel to the moon with ease today? Just ask Buzz Aldrin !!

I and others believe the public has to remain dumbed-down with a smoke screen space program, but by listening to this NASA Engineer explain what it will take (in the future) to successfully travel outside the earth’s orbit, reveals the possibility….the moon landing was faked.

We know a special sound stage studio in the UK was used for filming the moon landing and was supposedly done, “just in case something went wrong, or film had been lost.”

It is also suggested, the sound stage studio was a training platform for space travel to the moon.

By all accounts, plus the wishy washy interviews of the Apollo astronauts, and the fact that moon rocks collected and disseminated to museums around the world have turned-out to be nothing more than petrified wood….which is hard as a rock, the truth is gradually coming-out.

The other factor we must consider….government lies and systematically covers-up the secret space programs with dis-information and created conspiracy theories to demonize and discredit the messenger(s).

I had given the “Fake Moon Landing” conspirators some credibility by suggesting the moon landings took place, but what we see as film footage, was from the sound stage in the UK. Other films of being on the moon, could easily have been unmanned moon landings.

But now….reading between the lines of what this engineer has to say, tells me….there is no way in hell the Apollo mission was anywhere close to being capable of a moon landing and every single astronaut could NOT have survived the Van Allen Belt radiation in the 1960’s. That is the reason why we never went back to the moon….since it was supposedly an easy accomplishment, there isn’t much reason why there hasn’t been another “manned moon landing” since. For one, the internet came about and conspiracies were unveiled.

Yes…we saw the Apollo missions being launched and the splash-downs, but that doesn’t mean the capsules of the 1960’s actually left earth’s orbit.

I knew the wife of a prominent Apollo astronaut and she complained that after the alleged moon landing by her husband as the Commander and “after his return, he became a reclusive alcoholic.” I would be too, if I was trained to deceive the public while under a $10,000 fine / prison non-disclosure contract, plus the idle threat of being assassinated !

If a government can pull-off 9/11 with almost precision and blame a character hiding in a cave, what else are they lying about?

You decide for yourself by listening to key phrases in the video that suggests…travelling through the Van Allen Belt is extremely dangerous and the reason why the first ORION capsule will be unmanned.

From The Desk ofCapt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)  Int’l Airline Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727 & First Officer DC-10), U.S. Army Veteran Sergeant, Law Enforcement Background. Political Analystand Activist to help “Make America Great Again. 

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