Wikileaks drops “Spy Files Russia”: 34 base documents on Russia’s surveillance apparatus


by Alex Christoforou, The Duran:

Wikileaks details Russia’s mass surveillance system.

Post first appeared on RussiaFeed.

Wikileaks has released a new cache of documents which claim to detail the surveillance apparatus used by the Russian government to spy on Internet and mobile users.

This is the first time Wikileaks has leaked material directly connected to the Russian state.

The full datadump can be found here.

Is it time for Russian President Putin to announce that a special counselor will be appointed to find out who colluded with the Americans to leak this information to Wikileaks.

We are certain that the western mainstream media will analyze the latest Wikileaks “Spy Files Russia” dump, and come to the conclusion that this was a deliberate act by the Russian government (working with Wikileaks), to hide the scent of the ever closing Mueller “Trump-Russia collusion” investigation, still playing out in Washington DC.

Maybe Trump is behind this latest Wikileaks dump, working with Julian Assange. Perhaps it was Hillary Clinton looking to enact some sort of vendetta against Putin…or better yet Hillary may have been behind the leak so she can then accuse Russia of trying to distract attention away from the imaginary connection to between Russia,Trump and Wikileaks…a collusion which cost her a White House coronation.

Sarcasm aside…in a world where everything is on the cloud, this latest dump is no surprise. We are certain China, India, France, etc…all have similar program in place.

According to Zerohedge, the data dump is a summary of the cache of mostly Russian-language documents, Wikileaks claims they show how a long-established Russian company which supplies software to telcos is also installing infrastructure – with the government’s blessing – that enables Russian state agencies to tap into, search and spy on citizens’ digital activity, suggesting a similar state-funded mass surveillance program to the one utilized by the U.S.’s NSA or by GCHQ in the U.K. (both of which were detailed in the 2013 Snowden disclosures).

Famous whistleblower in exile, somewhere in Russia, Edward Snowden tweeted “Plot twist: @Wikileaks publishes details on Russia’s increasingly oppressive internet surveillance industry.”

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