Trump WILL pull out of the Paris climate change agreement, says the White House as it denies claim that he is considering staying in


from dailymail:


  • A White House senior adviser reportedly recently said the US wouldn’t pull out
  • They also wouldn’t renegotiate the existing agreement framework, he claimed
  • Instead, he said, they would try to make existing framework fit the US’s needs
  • Remarks were made at a meeting of environment ministers in Montreal, Canada
  • But the White House then said the existing framework needs to be scrapped
  • It said Trump would stick to his plan to either renegotiate or pull the US out

By James Wilkinson For

Published: 20:41 EDT, 16 September 2017 | Updated: 06:46 EDT, 17 September 2017




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Donald Trump is still planning to pull out of the Paris climate change agreement unless the UN can offer ‘better terms,’ despite claims to the contrary, the White House has said.

Two members of a recent international meeting said that a White House representative had said the US would maintain the accord, The Wall Street Journal  reported earlier on Saturday.

But the White House says that’s nonsense – and that Trump is still planning his climate exit unless he gets the changes he wants.


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