Harvey, Irma, Gold and Bad Options


from goldstockbull:

In the Previous Three Weeks:

  • Gold rose over $1,330.
  • Silver reached $18.00.
  • The DOW almost reached another all-time high.
  • Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast, flooded Houston, and caused massive damage.
  • Hurricane Irma crashed into Florida and created flooding and huge damage, although a late move west reduced potential destruction.
  • China is preparing a crude oil contract that will allow oil exporters to sell their crude on a Chinese exchange and be paid in yuan, which can be sold on a Chinese exchange for gold. This could be very important for the gold market.
  • The Federal Reserve met and … yada yada yada.
  • North Korea and President Trump exchanged pleasantries in their great distraction game.



  • Year 1913: Price of gold:  $20.67 per oz. U.S. national debt $3 billion.
  • Year 2017: Price of gold:  $1,300 per oz. U.S. national debt $20 trillion.

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