Overnight Strength In Gold & Silver: Cartel in BIG TROUBLE


from SilverDoctors:

SD Midweek Update: This is not what the cartel ordered. If Monday and Tuesday were all the cartel could muster, gold & silver are looking poised to rally in price to close the week…

Silver had strength to start the overnight session, and then again throughout the night:

This is pretty much where we would want silver to be. All things considered, the strong-arming of the markets looks to be waning. There is, after all, only so much hurricane. Hurricanes are regional events, and while the costs to rebuild will surely climb, it’s not like hurricanes offer the continued threat of Thermo-nuclear Armageddon, which seems to come front-and-center every few days now.

And so silver is looking healthy here for several reasons:

We know that silver is going to have a little trouble at $18.25. Sure enough, the two day tap-and-bounce followed by a dip is very bullish. Everything is set up for the move to the upside. Higher-lows, not screaming “overbought”, and the need for silver to catch-up to gold are all signaling that it is silver in control of the price action and not the central banks. What the silver price really need to accomplish is a commanding break-out above $18.50. Until that happens, the three-way divide between the skeptics, the bears and the bulls will remain as wide as ever.

Gold saw the same strength overnight as well:

Looking at the daily, we also see the healthy pullback in the yellow metal. There is also a bonus:

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