Hillary Clinton “Obsessed” With Alex Jones in New Book


by Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com :

As part of her refusal to take personal blame for losing the election, Hillary Clinton complains about the impact Alex Jones and Infowars had on the presidential race numerous times in her new book.

“Hillary is obsessed with @RealAlexJones in her new book What Happened,” tweeted Mike Cernovich, before highlighting numerous passages from the book in which Clinton complains about the Infowars host.

Hillary accuses Trump of palling around with Jones while also acknowledging that when Infowars highlights something, “its reach expands dramatically”.


This is not the first time that Hillary has blamed Alex Jones and Infowars for her election loss.

During an on stage interview at the Code Conference on June 1, Clinton directly pointed to Infowars pushing the John Podesta emails after they were released by Wikileaks.

“Within one hour they dumped them and they began to weaponize them, and they began to have some of their allies within the Internet world like Infowars take out pieces and begin to say the most outlandish, outrageous, absurd lies you can imagine,” she said.

Clinton first mentioned Jones during an August 2016 speech in Reno, Nevada when she tied Trump with Jones in an attempt to discredit the Donald.

Suffice to say it didn’t work, but Clinton is still seemingly obsessed with anything she can point to in order to explain her defeat without taking any personal responsibility.

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