The Dilemma of Raising a Child to Live In the New World Order


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

I have written countless articles where I accuse Google as being the enemy of democracy. Google ismore powerful than nations. They are treating the world like any conquering army. They are erasing history, altering culture, stiffling legitimate dissent, strangling economic competition,monopolizing the Internet, hacking elections and relentlessly spying on American citizens.

Beyond 1984

Google has gone beyond Orwell’s 1984. They are in the midst of creating a “Blue Pill” reality. Google is the matrix. Google has created the cage where the young people of America are growing up. It is the cage that people my generation resists because we were essentially born free. My generation respects our collective innate spirit of autonomy that the Lord blessed us with. However, our younger generation has been raised in the Google-created cage and they do not know true freedom and are unable to see the loss of free will that is a central part of our God-created spirit.

The Despot, John McCain, Taught Me About Freedom

When John McCain tried to steal my community’s property without compensation, he awakened my spirit of self-preservation and ultimately freedom. When I discovered what this demagogue and his kind had in store for the American people as one of the Deep State’s chief minions, I opposed McCain with every fiber in my being.

My beloved wife had a difficult time absorbing all that I was learning in the false matrix created by the globalists which is dominated by Google.  I am sure there were times when my wife wondered if I was going to lose my mind. However, as I discovered, my talented, highly intelligent and beautiful wife and myself were merely on two different learning curves. My wife was raised by two wonderful parents who taught her to be independent and my wife was not raised in the proverbial Google-created  cage and could think for herself. Today, my wife educates me about much of what is really going in the world outside of our false reality as shaped by the CNN’s of the world.

The Fruit Does Not Fall Very Far From the Tree

My son is as independent at his mother and father and summarily rejects all elements of arbitrary control over his freedom. However, when I compare my son’s awareness and desire to be in control of his destiny to that of  many of his friends, he is in rarified air. My fear for him is that he will get crushed by the ruling authority if my generation is not successful against the Google type entities that control the New World Order. For example, most young adults favor socialism as their preferred from of government and if they have their way, Bernie Sanders will be the next President. In other words, many of son’s cohorts are already enslaved as slavery first begins in the mind.

It is in this sense that my generation will be the last generation to know true freedom. Respect for the Constitution, the rule of law and our nation’s Chrisitan traditions are all fading into the sunset and I am experiencing cognitive dissonance as I cannot fathom what motivates people to vote for such nefarious people as Hillary Clinton.

The young people have in large part forsaken the Lord. They are self-entitled and one ruler away from acting out, in real life, a Lord of the Flies type of country where dissenters are disposed of and the hive mentality reigns supreme. And to all you parents who have raised intelligent and autonomous children, you, me, have raised our children to not fit into what is coming. And what is coming? It is the Mark of the Beast which I have documented as well as my concerns that Google is that central authority and technology that will usher in the Mark of the Beast.

My Son Is Not Anyone’s Cannon Fodder

When my son was young, I was writing counseling courses for a post-secondary institution where I met a wonderful person who happened to be one of the Deans of the University. He and I bemoaned our ruling class who thought nothing of sending our young people off to die in a banker’s created war of occupation. We swore to each other that we would never send our sons off to such a conflict no matter what we had to do including the leaving of our country.


Today, all parents are forced to confront the same kind of reality. However, the stakes are much higher. It is no longer just a question of letting your child be sacrificed in a banker’s war. It is now a question of letting your children have their souls compromised. By teaching our children to “fit in” to the ruling regime in this country, and I am not speaking of Trump, we are teaching our children to compromise their Christian principles. However, I know history and I know that if I do not teach my son to “blend in” and become of the members of the Satanic Deep State, Google-dominated hive members, he will live a life of terrible persecution and worse. In short, I often wonder if the independent spirit we impart to our offspring will the reason that will not end their lives in an old age home, but in a FEMA camp.

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