by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

Did reporter Drew Griffin have time to change clothes during dramatic incident?

CNN has been accused of staging a dramatic piece of footage where reporter Drew Griffin rescues a Texas man who drove his truck into a canal.

Griffin said his crew were setting up a live shot when they “heard a sound”.

The video then cuts to the moment when the vehicle becomes marooned in the water. After about 20 seconds, Griffin is seen running towards the vehicle. He is wearing khaki shorts and trainers.

However, in the next clip, where Griffin is seen pulling the man out of the water, he is now wearing dark pants and boots.

“It happens within seconds,” said Griffin, although people pointed out that it would have taken Griffin more than a few seconds to change his clothing.

“It wasn’t much of a desperate emergency if CNN’s Drew Griffin had time to change from a pair of shorts and sandals into a pair of long pants and boots?” remarks the Conservative Treehouse blog.

“CNN faked rescue video where their anchor “saved a man in a truck,” claimed one tweet that got over 5,000 retweets.

The comments on the video are littered with people asserting the entire thing was staged.

Others claimed that the man wearing the shorts was a different person.

To be fair to Drew Griffin, although he works for CNN, he can’t be put in the same category as most of their partisan commentators. Griffin has done solid journalism before, particularly when he stood up to the TSAafter they put him on a terror watch list.

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