Spain: Border Guard Breaks Leg Attempting to Stop Invading Migrant Horde


by Chris Menahan | Information Liberation via Infowars:

Video out of Spain shows a horde of criminal migrants storm the gates of the El Tarajal border crossing in the city of Ceuta.

The scene looks like something out of the film “World War Z.”


From RT:

A Spanish border guard suffered a shocking leg break while attempting to stop migrants bursting through the Moroccan border in the city of Ceuta.

The incident took place on Sunday night at the El Tarajal border crossing in the Spanish city on coast of northern Africa. Security footage of the incident was posted online by local news outlet El Faro Ceuta.

The video shows a large group of people forcing their way through a gate and racing past border guards. Two guards attempt to tackle them, but the flow of bodies only increases.

One of the guards kicks out at people as they race past while another swings with his baton. While trying to tackle one of the migrants, the first officer suffers a sickening leg break. The video footage shows his leg hanging limply with the bone apparently snapped.