Mother of Miscarried Child: ‘He Is Very Obviously Human, Not a Cluster of Cells’


by Theresa Smith , CNS News:

On July 31, Felicia Cash posted pictures of her miscarried son, only 14 weeks old, on Facebook, with a message saying that her baby was “very obviously human, not a cluster of cells, not a lump of tissue, not a blob of unformed flesh.”


This is a second post of these pictures, according to Live Action. In the first post on the evening of July 24, Felicia Cash wrote that she wanted to “show life at this stage of development and to hopefully save the life of another.” This was “removed by Facebook without explanation,” reported Live Action.


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When asked about this on Monday, Cash told, “I posted for the first time on the evening of July 24. I’m pretty sure it was frozen the next Monday. So it was only up for one week, but in that time, it registered over 38,000 shares.”


“It was really quite unnerving, as I had never posted anything publically before and never expected such a response,” she continued. “When they froze the post, I simply reposted it on my public page.”



Felicia Cash’s miscarried son, Japeth Peace.  (Photo: Felicia Cash/Live Action) 


In the second Facebook post, Cash wrote, “Our beautiful Japeth Peace, miscarried July 24th at 14 weeks 6 days. He is perfectly and wonderfully formed, right down to his amazing tiny toes and fingers. Even his fingernails are formed and visible.”