Commission to Trump: Declare National Emergency over Opioid Epidemic


by Julie Fidler,

President Trump’s opioid commission has urged him to declare a national state of emergency over America’s burgeoning opioid crisis. The recommendation comes from a preliminary draft of the commission’s report. [2]

By declaring an emergency, Trump’s cabinet would be able to take action, and Congress would be forced to fund potential solutions to the epidemic.

Drug overdoses likely killed more people in 2016 than the entire Vietnam War. The previous year, opioid overdoses claimed the lives of more people than car crashes, gun violence, and HIV/AIDs combined, when the AIDS epidemic was at its height in 1995.

The commission says in the report:

“With approximately 142 Americans dying every day, America is enduring a death toll equal to September 11th every three weeks. After September 11th, our President and our nation banded together to use every tool at our disposal to prevent any further American deaths.

Your declaration would empower your cabinet to take bold steps and would force Congress to focus on funding and empowering the Executive Branch even further to deal with this loss of life.”

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The lawmakers made several other recommendations, including:

  • Grant waiver approvals for all 50 states to get rid of treatment barriers in the Medicaid program that exclude the federal Institutes for Mental Diseases.
  • Mandate education initiatives with the assistance of medical and dental schools, and by amending the Controlled Substances Act, to require that prescribers receive better training about the treatment of pain and addiction.

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