Your Every Move is Monitored: Unless You Opt Out! (ENCORE) | Robert Ellis Smith


from Reluctant Preppers:


  1. The only way to truly OPT OUT is to stop using all internet-based technology ~ any appliance that has "smart" technology imbedded in it. At this point, this appears to be practically impossible, except for those who are going "old tech" (like using a typewriter, instead of a laptop, sending mail through the Post Office, instead of email, or using a landline phone instead of a cellphone) or going completely "off-grid". Remember, almost all NEW appliances are now able to spy on, or keep track of their users/useage, from refrigerators and microwaves, to washers and dryers, to computers & televisions to iPhones & iPads.

    Some companies are also inserting microchips into their completely ignorant employees. This is all part of the TECHNOCRATIC (International Central Banker) "Jew" World Order. They’ll continue to assault and enslave us as long as we continue to simply go along with it all. We must find alternatives to everything they’ve set up to enslave us all. Be wary of your use of anything electronic: especially Computers, Cellphones, Credit Cards, "Customer Loyalty" cards, etc.

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