CA Gov Brown: Voters ‘Definitely’ Swinging Back ‘Toward a Non-Republican Kind of Future’


by Pam Key,

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) said voters were “definitely already swinging back toward a non-Republican kind of future.”

Brown said the Democrats had lost recently for a “Number of factors. Certainly, the Republicans had something to do with it. The barrage, the relentless drum beat of opposition that has been well-financed by the Koch brothers, by Republican activists, that’s been relentless. I think the Affordable Care Act was stigmatized. It was very large; it was very new, that became a big problem.”

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  1. Easy to say ass-wipe. Lot’s of Illegal Voters in CA. When are you Succeeding from the Union? Once you leave the United States, we won’t have to put up with your lunacy… YAY

  2. You read where frustrated republicans are leaving the state, big companies are leaving too, they are imposing a 63 cent gas tax hike over the next two years,
    and to put a cherry on top of it, they cant make their budget and their whole
    pension system is doomed within the next 3 years…..
    Do you think I want to live in that state? HELL NO!

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