BUSTED: Video Appears to Show White Helmets Aiding Al-Qaeda Fighters


by Jack Burns, The Free Thought Project:

The White Helmets, a Nobel Peace Prize nominated group that has been painted as a selfless “humanitarian group” by the media, was once again caught on video helping the same terrorist group that is hurting the civilians they claim to protect.

The group, which was the subject of an Oscar-winning documentary in February, is described by IMDB, “a group of indomitable first responders [who] risk their lives to rescue victims from the rubble” in war-torn Syria “as daily airstrikes pound civilian targets.”

However, a recent post from a Twitter user by the name of “Walid” painted the White Helmets in a very different light.

The video appears to show the famed White Helmets taking care of injured Al-Qaeda fighters who were recently wounded on the Syrian battlefront. This is just the latest in a series of videos, which has served as evidence that the White Helmets are not what they appear.

While helping injured people, regardless of what ‘side’ they are fighting for is noble, it is important to point out that the white helmets never help those injured by ISIS. Countless Syrian citizens have come forward to expose the group’s utter lack of care for injured men, women, and children alike — while helping only those who are friendly to the resistance.

The first such scandalous revelation came about when a video was uploaded to social media demonstrating the WH staging an attack reportedly carried out by Syrian government forces. When the group discovered their video flub, they quickly stated they were simply carrying out a mannequin challenge. Few bought their explanation, yet their documentary later went on to win an Oscar.

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