Peak Prosperity News Update 8-4-2017


from Peak Prosperity:


  1. Completely agree with you. Insanity reigns supreme. 530 senators voting for sanctions with zero evidence. No regard to escalation of tensions with a nuclear superpower. No sense of implication with regard to how the Russian military must view the aggression by Washington. Whatever happened to a thing called "Diplomacy" ? A couple decades ago the idea was to de-escalate tensions. Where is the outrage by the US citizen? Why do we not get up and march in the street? I will tell you why. It is because Americans are mindless dumbshits. They do not care. Give me mine until the system collapses. Do they (the Russian Federation) just sit there and roll over? Possible. More likely that they understand their options. Namely that they prepare for a nuclear first strike, or surrender to the crazed US military/political/Deep State knowing that all life on earth would be destroyed by a nuclear conflict. This would cause more than just bugs, birds, shellfish, etc. to go extinct.

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