Anti-Populist Coward Jeff Sessions Threatens the First Amendment


by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

When you take a look at which issues Jeff Sessions gets most passionate about (asset forfeiture, drug war foolishness, cracking down on media), there’s one thing that ties it all together. He has a very deep-seated and visceral disdain for the American public. He’s your typical cowardly prosecutor looking to make a name for himself by picking on the weak and dispossessed, while never targeting elite criminals. One thing you’ll always notice about Sessions is how much of a thug he is. He’d never dare take on a bank executive or powerful politician, but prefers to marshals resources toward the most anti-populist crusades possible. His latest move to target freedom of the press is no exception.

Today’s announcement from the Department of Justice regarding a crackdown on leaks has two main components. The first is somewhat understandable, but the second is not.

Let’s review what’s happening courtesy of The Hill:


Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday announced a government-wide crackdown on leakers, which will include a review of the Justice Department’s policies on subpoenas for media outlets that publish sensitive information.

At a press conference with Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, Sessions announced that the Justice Department, FBI and government intelligence agencies will begin directing resources into the investigations of government leaks and would prioritize prosecuting those that pass sensitive information along to the press.

The national security division of the Justice Department will prioritize cases involving unauthorized disclosures, Sessions said, and the departments “will not hesitate to bring lawful and appropriate criminal charges against those who abuse the public trust.”

Sessions said his Justice Department has already tripled the number of active leak investigations over the previous administration and that the FBI would create a new counterintelligence unit to manage the cases.

In addition, Sessions said that after meeting with the FBI and intelligence investigators, the Justice Department would review its policies affecting media subpoenas.

“We respect the important role the press plays and we’ll give them respect, but it’s not unlimited,” Sessions said. “They cannot place lives at risk with impunity. We must balance the press’s role with protecting our national security and the lives of those who serve in the intelligence community, the Armed Forces and all law-abiding Americans.”

President Trump has been pushing Sessions to be more aggressive in prosecuting illegal government leaks, which have bedeviled the administration from the start.

The first part is understandable considering there is clearly an effort on behalf of bureaucrats in government and the members of the intelligence community to frame Donald Trump as a puppet of Vladimir Putin not by offering evidence, but by whispering anonymously in the ears of gullible or agenda driven corporate media hacks, who then publish the chatter without skepticism since it fits a narrative.

This certainly appears to be a problem and is unquestionably shady in my opinion. If there’s concrete proof that Trump is a traitor go ahead and release the documents, don’t just spread innuendo in order to advance a narrative and impeach the guy. The reason no documents proving Trump-Russia collusion to hack the DNC or John Podesta have emerged is probably because they don’t exist. Seymour Hersh seems to have hit the nail on the head of what’s going on in a must listen to recent audio recording.

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