Is This The Next Paypal?


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This Disruptive Tech Is Set To Revolutionize How We Pay For Things…

The world has had enough of paper money.

Now that consumers are done with physical wallets, the multi-billion-dollar mobile pay app market is minting new digital barons at breakneck speed.

And we’ve just identified one company at the forefront of the revolution which has a very compelling story.

Glancepay is already the no. 1 mobile payment app in Canada, ranking at over 92 percent of mobile payment app downloads. It’s also making big waves across North America, where it ranks 37 percent of all mobile payment app downloads.

This could be a timely opportunity for early investors who understand what’s about to happen.

For example, when Alipay hit the Chinese market with its instant mobile app pay features, it was an overnight sensation. Now, it’s conducting a massive $1.7 trillion in business annually in China.

And this story is very exciting because GlancePay (CSE:GETOTC:GLNNF) is also making inroads in the billion-dollar cannabis market in a deal that gives them direct ownership in Canapay Financial Inc. and they are planning moves into cryptocurrency markets, too.

Mobile payment technology is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, and GlancePay is hoping to be the major market disrupter—filling a gap that not even the trillion-dollar Chinese turnover is filling, nor major players on the North American scene.

How? By focusing equally on merchants and consumers, losing cumbersome and security-plagued hardware, and offering much more than just one-click payments: rewards, choices, and even tab-splitting.

In short, GlancePay (CSE:GET) has apps that can simply take a glance at where you are… using proprietary and patented GPS / micro-location and image identification technology… and pays your merchant…in seconds.

It’s holistic, streamlined, and has the technology with patents to protect it, an issue that has kept major players from securing greater market share over the past few years.

In the age of convenience, no one favors the contortionist gymnastics required to hang out the window to pay a parking stub that may or may not work under the pressure of honking horns lined up behind.

PayByPhone founder Desmond Griffin already spotted that trend before it was one, and created the defacto leader in this burgeoning space.

Likewise, in this era of instant gratification, it seems unnecessary to wait for the check in a restaurant, and then wait again while the waitress shuttles back and forth to complete the transaction. Restaurant owners would agree, wholeheartedly: Mobile pay apps mean faster table turnover and more revenues. This time, Griffin not only spotted the trend—he spotted what existing offerings were lacking, integration and a much bigger picture.

GlancePay is nothing if not forward-thinking: We’re less than a year away from the launch of legalized recreational use of marijuana in Canada, and GlancePay is already taking advantage of the onslaught of consumer demand to come, and the already existing demand for medical marijuana. For a recreational marijuana industry that could be worth $22.6 billion annually, GlancePay guarantees lighting fast turnaround for vendors, and one-click pay for buyers.

Launched only in September 2016, Glance Pay already has 160 merchants signed on, and its growth is poised to soar in the coming weeks and months. Its Q2 revenue is up a whopping 664{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} over the previous quarter.

Here are 5 reasons to keep a close eye on GlancePay (CSE:GETOTC:GLNNF)

#1 Proprietary and Patented Technology

GlancePay is a streamlined payment platform that allows customers to pay their bill instantly with their mobile device. It means no more waiting on waitresses; no more credit card machines; and a single app rather than one for each restaurant.

The app knows where you are using patented GPS technology. And, if GPS isn’t available, it can even determine your location using a photo of where you are. Much like Google has mapped the world… GlancePay has quietly built a proprietary global database of locations.

It’s as easy as point, shoot, pay.

But it is also much more. It takes the mobile pay app experience much further than Apple Pay, which only iPhone owners can use, and which has failed so far to gain widespread usage.

With GlancePay, you’re not just paying a bill: The system includes in-app marketing, in-store rewards, transaction history, payment confirmation, and even the ability to split the tab in a restaurant. It incentivizes users… and adoption is picking up from this network effect.

It also helps you choose nearby restaurants, and soon, it will also let you order from your table, pre-order for pickup, or order for delivery.

For restaurants, it means better business, faster turnaround and potentially greater revenues.

The company estimates that restaurants will benefit from 10{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} faster table turnover during peak periods, improved server productivity, which should generate bigger tips, and a loyalty/rewards program that could encourage customer returns and even attract new customers. The built-in feedback program also adds to the big-picture offering here, by giving restaurants a faster, easier way to earn reviews and ratings.

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