Domestic Foreign Troop Activity From Coast to Coast: FEMA Behaving Strangely


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The above photo was taken by Joel S. in Pennsylvania. This is one of several NATO helicopters operating in the same area where I reported UN activity four months ago. It has been quiet in this area until the emergence of Hurricane Harvey.

UN Activity in California

In the past four months, I have received numerous reports from people in California regarding their sighting of UN personnel and vehicles in California.

Here is the report we filed in this on April 27, 2017.

Additionally, Paul Martin is good friends with RBN talk show host, ex-Green Beret, John Moore. Moore had a relative that was buying a puppy in the Seattle area. When the relative went to get the dog, they asked the resident what they did for a living and the female resident answered “I am a UN Peacekeeper”.

Here is another email I received from the potentially impacted area if the Oroville Dam were to fail as many are predicting will happen in the upcoming spring run off.

Hi Dave, I was just watching your UN bit….

In any case, I live in Stockton CA and with the shows I’ve been watching I got curious about our Port of Stockton since it’s a gate way for imports and exports. 

I have a former Security officer that worked for me so I decided to give her a buzz to see what, if anything was happening. Especially since I hear choppers flying over head every night about 2-3 in the morning. 

And by the way, the Ports MERSEC…Maritime Security is at level 1,  meaning security is to be present at all times. 

Any way, the only thing she knew was that the choppers for the National Guard and Fire Department are having rescue drills. Hmmmm. I wonder….

(Editor’s note: Wonder what? They are practicing for the Oroville Dam to go? This would be the perfect excuse to get the UN out in the open if their presence was for humanitarian reasons)

Previous and Current Pennsylvania Sightings of UN Helicopters and Vehicles

For months I have received a stream of reports about sightings of UN Helicopters in Pennsylvania.

From the Delaware River Area Involving UN Attack Helicopters

I received this email as an examle of many that I have received in the past 4-5 months:

Good afternoon Dave,
I sent you a few sightings of UN/military in the air around my area (east coast). I just spotted another one (attached video) and this is a reference pic of what I saw. Identical colors, not sure maybe the Gov/Feds according to the colors. I know they are doing a drill this week, but I have been seeing them way before that started. I even thought ok, all the previous sightings were (practice for the drill), but then I started looking for a common denominator, why I am seeing all this activity, so low to the ground, like the are mapping it out or something in my immediate area. I pulled a map up and started focusing on the flight path they all seem to be doing, north to south. Then it hme….the Delaware River. Whatever they are up to, I’ll bet you that river has something to do with it…

Now we are seeing NATO activity in the same area.

FEMA Camps In Costal Cities On January 12,2017-Before Hurrican Harvey

I was sent this Youtube video that was made 8 months prior to Hurricane Harvey.  I don’t buy his rapture interpretation, but the “dream” is very telling. I am aware of the technology that he is speaking of.

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