Something Big Is About To Change The Alternative Media Community


by Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco:

To all the precious metals, resource and alternative media followers and investors…. something BIG is about to change in our community.  This change will have a very powerful and positive impact on the Alternative Media Community, while at the same time, disrupting the control by the mainstream media.

So what is this BIG CHANGE?  Let me say it in just three words…. CDX IS COMING.

Before I explain what the CDX is, let me share with you some information about the SRSrocco Report site and the alternative media community’s challenge in trying to get the message out to the public.  Before the internet, the mainstream media controlled most of all the television, newspaper and advertising information that reached the public.  However, when the internet started to grow and digital media became the new thing, the old media of newspapers, magazines and TV news started to wither and die.  Thus, the new digital internet gave the alternative media a chance to finally get its message out.

Unfortunately, the entities that controlled the “old news” moved into the internet and now control the “digital news.”  This has made it very difficult for individuals such as myself to get the alternative message out to the public.  Which means, the alternative media is still fighting the same battle in the digital internet world.

Alternative Media Bloggers, Analysts and Content Creators Getting Financially Hurt

Now… to make matters even worse, bloggers, analysts and content creators in the alternative media, who have been making money by putting ads on their sites utilizing one of the largest ad networks in the world, have seen their monthly ad income decline or plummet in many instances.  This has been mainly focused in the large video producing market, but is also impacting alternative websites as well.

For example, traffic on the SRSrocco Report site continues to increase, but my ad revenue has fallen considerably.  I have spoken to many other websites and video producers who experiencing the very same thing.  So, what is happening here is that the mainstream media and largest ad network in the world are SUPPRESSING the alternative media message.  By cutting the alternative blogger, analyst and content creator income, they are destroyingthe incentive to put out the message.  Basically, we are being bled to death… monetarily speaking.

Unfortunately, there are no real viable alternatives to the largest ad network in the world…. so we continue to try other ways to make up for falling ad revenues.  Some sites try other ways to bring in additional funds they lost from declining ad revenue, while others simply cut back on publishing content and articles.  Unfortunately some websites, just wither and die.

Now, some readers may believe this is a Grand Conspiracy by the Elite to suppress the alternative media message (probably true to some degree), but it just may be due to plain ole business.  Many advertisers don’t want their ads placed on alternative sites because they either have a major difference of opinion or that they don’t believe their ads would do well there.  So, by reducing a percentage of advertisers to the alternative media bloggers, analysts and content creators, it CUTS THEIR INCOME considerably.

Alright… I imagine some of my followers or folks who read my articles from other sites are wondering what has this to do with them.  I get it… some of you (maybe a lot) don’t really care about all of this… and that is fine.  However, the current large ad network system keeps alternative media followers from finding out new interesting sites.

For example, I continue to come across new alternative sites who have been up and running for years that I never knew they existed.  The Commodity Ad Network explained below will allow alternative media followers to discover new sites and valuable information they never knew existed.

And, additionally, the large ad network also collects all of your search history and pre-determines what’s good for you personally. So when you and I search for the same keywords, we both get served different results. And those search results also determine what ads you see in those ad boxes everywhere. This way, they keep everyone in a personalized bubble.

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  1. Why can’t the alt media guys get together & make a competing platform to YouTube? I understand that servers & bandwidth cost money but the aggregated audiances of the two dozen alt media sources I follow should be able to support not only those costs but also compensate the content producers… without having to discontinue posting on YouTube. There are so many ways to do it; subscription basis, donations (many are trying Patreon now), but I think the ad revenue route may be the best. I try to watch the ads on YouTube (except the ridiculously long ones) just to support the content creators; imagine how much more lucrative it would be for an advertiser to advertise to a group of likeminded people who not only will watch the ads but also make it a point to buy the products! It just seems like there is a huge win/win/win in here for our community. I wish my technical skills were better but I only have a liberal arts degree. 🙁

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